Deep-Rooted Clarity & Nourishment for Natural Healing

Deep-Rooted Clarity & Nourishment for Natural Healing


Integrating manageable wellness steps into busy schedules through natural remedies and two-way communication with one’s body.




Hi love!

I am a certified health and wellness coach with training in herbal remedies. After my personal experience with discovering how to create and live a healthier life, I found my passion for guiding others through their wellness journey. Let’s get curious! Small steps, BIG shifts.


 A Deliberate Approach To Your Life

It’s easy to find yourself lost in overwhelm when it comes to embarking on a new wellness journey. Feeling the endless cycle of shame and imbalance around repeating negative habits that are holding you back from feeling your best.

My coaching program is designed to deconstruct this cycle and move forward towards an intentional shift in your life and mindset.


Are you struggling with:

• Repeating Unhealthy Habits

• Feeling Disconnected

• Stress & Anxiety

• Irregular Sleep

• Chronic Pain

• A Family History Of Diabetes Or Heart Disease

• Understanding What It Means To Be “Healthy”

• Feeling Too Busy And Drained To Keep Up With A Healthy Routine

I can help you to:

• Determine What Foods Are Right For Your Body

• Recognize And Overcome Negative Thought Patterns That No Longer Serve You

• Learn to Intuitively Listen To Your Body

• Create A Preventative Health Plan To Battle Health Issues

• Balance All Areas Of Your Life

• Easily Discover And Maintain Positive Lifelong Changes

• Develop Sustainable Energy

• Honor Your Self-Worth And Find Love From Within


 6-Month Wellness Program

This program is custom-made to uncover the root of your health challenges and bring into focus your life as a whole. It provides the guidance and educational support that you need to continue to implement lifelong changes and practices even after you’ve completed the program.

Erin’s passion and knowledge of wellness come out in every session I have been part of. Her subtle manner has given many new tools for my arsenal to create a healthy, mindful and more empathetic lifestyle. In particular, Erin understands the imperfections we all have, embraces them and gently nudges towards alternatives that will become habits in day to day living.
— Peter