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What is

Wellness Coaching?


Wellness coaching is a guided and intimate process of discovering new and healthy habits to feel truly well in all areas of your life.  


Is wellness coaching right for me?

If you are ready to identify and break negative patterns and implement positive shifts to improve your health, then wellness coaching would be a good fit for you.

I act as a guide to help you to eliminate the cycle of overwhelm that commonly comes with life-changing journeys so that you can instead embrace an excited and curious mindset around your wellbeing.




A 6-Month

Program that

Empowers you

with Knowledge

to Last a Lifetime


The Program

My 6-month program is designed to help you find clarity in your health not only during our time together but for years to come. The techniques I will teach you and healthy changes that we will determine together is valuable knowledge that you can continue to use on your own. This program is meant to guide and empower you to take control of your health story. We are creating foundational work to help you understand and communicate with your body, mind, and soul.


What to expect

Real transformation does take work so you will want to be vulnerable and fully committed to working together throughout the 6-month program. You will need to prioritize your health as well as be honest and curious about your life-journey to date. I will be there every step of the way guiding you, supporting you, and cheering you on. Even though the process can at times be challenging, it will also be an exciting and life-changing experience where I will walk next to you every step of the way.


What makes it unique

There is no one size fits all approach. Each 6-month program is uniquely tailored specifically for you and your needs. Having lived all over the globe throughout my life, working in hospitality to the corporate world to running multiple businesses, and dealing with many life altering health issues myself over the years, a few things that set my program apart would be my varied life experience, extensive studies and an optional incorporation of herbal remedies. My intention is finding long term solutions that work for you. This process is about experiencing more things that are both good for your health and that you enjoy therefore making it easier to make permanent change. It is not about pushing habits on you that would eventually fade out because they were not a good fit.


How it Works

We would begin the process by first exploring where you are currently at in different areas of your life and determining the root of your challenges. With that knowledge, we can set your health goals over our 6 months together. Every 2 weeks we would meet either in person or virtually to plan small shifts that you’ll implement between sessions and evaluate how the new changes are making you feel. By allowing yourself 2 weeks to experience the subtle habit changes we are able to grasp how this is affecting your overall health. Our relationship is very much a collaborative experience with permanent positive impact.

“Erin’s passion and knowledge of wellness come out in every session I have been part of. Her subtle manner has given many new tools for my arsenal to create a healthy, mindful and more empathetic lifestyle. In particular, Erin understands the imperfections we all have, embraces them and gently nudges towards alternatives that will become habits in day to day living.”
— Peter

Ready to find clarity within your life?